The Story

My story begins in the 80s where I started a DJ group called the Untouchables. I later branched out and started DJing on my own mainly in bars throughout the New York City Metroplex. My first major opportunity with Jam Rock’s Nakisakis. From there I began playing at many different locations around the city. The purpose and objective of The Best Kept Secret (TBKS) radio network is to provide a place where people can listen to grown and sexy music either on the internet or a mobile device every day throughout the year. The TBKS radio network plays music ranging from many genres (e.g. R&B, Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul, Disco, House, etc.) – spanning many decades from many great new and old artists. The TBKS radio network provides 24-hour music throughout the year. Our programming includes—talk shows, DJs spinning live in Clubs and live on video. If you’d like to know more about the DJs and our weekly line, please click here. If you’d like to join TBKS radio network team, please send an email to Thanks.

OO7DJJazz Owner/CEO