OO7DJJazz Show – Saturdays 7:00-9:00pm EST

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(336] 215-9266
The Best Kept Secret Radio Network Started Three Years ago, I Wanted to give the love I have to and for music to the world so I came up with a station where grown and sexy can come and enjoy live music ,live video and so much more. So join us at the station.

We play many Genres of Music , Video and Audio Sides. R&B, Motown, Neo-Soul, Jazz, Indie Artists, Old School, Reggae, ligh

t clean Hip-Hop, to name a few.

We Focus on bringing the Music back to the people and play what regular Radio Stations will not play. You will not hear the same song over and over every 20 minutes. Our DJs play their own styles and music to satisfy their listeners.

We are a Free Internet Station We have a Chatroom for listener interactions during the live show. Also we have the [ APP] in all iTunes and play stores —-under—- THEBESTKEPTSECRET. From the bar’s to the backyard party’s to the club’s, like Eclipse, Club Westchester, the World, Regine’s OZ, Tabu, Zacora’s ,Player’s club, Cafe Wandyful’s ,Ivy’s, The Lab, Fahrenheit, Metropolis just to name a few, If you need service from any of these DJ’s email me @ jazzoo72000@gmail.com or call 336-215-9266 and someone will get back to you.


 DJ Lite

DJ Lite Show – Saturdays 5:00-7:00pm EST

Dj Lite started his career as a mobile DJ in the early 70 alongside some of NYC top DJ’s in. In the early days the only outlet DJ’s had to display their skills were battling against other DJ’s in the parks throughout the 5 boroughs. Dj Lite has since had the opportunity to travel throughout the U.S DeeJaying and was also offered the opportunity to DJ abroad in UK, England. DJ Lite is one part of Russ Entertainment, LLC mobile DJ service that provides musical services throughout NY and the surrounding area. DJ Lite is was born and raised in Brooklyn but relocated to Long Island and now represents both Brooklyn and Long-Island. DJ Lite is now one of the premiere DJ’s on The Best Kept Secret Radio Network.


DJ Lloyd

DJ Lloyd The Enforcer Show – Monday’s 6:00pm-10:00pm EST 




DJ Noodles

DJ Noodle From Hempstead Long-Island Been into music since I can remember. Loved playing with the little 45’s and dancing. As a teenager during the early years of DJing I was part of a crew, The System 4 Crew. At the time all I could do or wanted to do was scratch. I did most of the college parties at school (Dowling College) where the music from the early 80’s influenced me Punk, early House, Disco, Rap, R&B, Reggae and top 40, I love the 80’s. Dancing a has been a major part of my growth as a DJ at the time. It helped me to understand the crowd, I always felt that if I can dance to it so will the crowd. House Music became my favorite. After college I worked as a mobile DJ then I got a shot to work on Long Island as a night club DJ at Le MaRon (formally known as Essence the night club) and then Tryveka with Charles Belcher and Tony Moore and other clubs on Long Island. Great times. In the late 1996 I moved to Maryland where I have been since working as a mobile DJ and Photographer. Weddings, corporate functions and all types of mobile events. I still love to dance when ever I get a chance. Dancing 

helps keep you young, So dance as much as you can. House Music all night long, say what House music all night long.

DJ -B1

man with arm over speakers in front of a turntable

Born and Raised on Long Island N.Y.DJ-B1 (Ron)Has always been into music. But in the late 70’s with the revolution of hip-hop. DJ-B1 found his passion to DJ. His music Adventure spans many decades. From that point to present day, he and his partners have deejayed at everything from basement parties, corporate parties, weddings & fundraisers. He is excited to continue his music adventure as a featured DJ for the best kept secret radio network!!!!



Born and raised in the Northeast Bronx ,NYC , D.J. Unkle Jaye was raised on music of all genres ( literally). He was first introdu

ced to the art of DJing at a very early age by his older cousins who lived in the South Bronx (The infamous University Ave.).This is where he spent his summers going to park jams and block parties. fascinated and amazed at how the DJ would control the atmosphere with the record selection and manipulation of the turntable platters.

  D.J. Unkle Jaye had never lost that fascination and love for the craft.Over the years he has performed for all types of events.Weddings,Corporate & Community Events.School functions and even Youth Events for various houses of worship.D.J. Unkle Jaye is always ready ,willing,and able to serve you with that extraordinary sound mixed with love like a home cooked meal.

 He is the newest member of THE BEST KEPT SECRET RADIO NETWORK !!! D.J. Unkle Jaye’s motto is “The Ordinary Just Won’t Do !!!


DJ 40 oZ

I Started Djing in 1976 at the age of 11 in East New York {Brooklyn} . At The age of 15 I Started playing in the parks through out the Metro Area of NY. And i also started playing at different venues and parties in the Tri-State ,Long Island, and so forth.Music my passion and the party continues on and on. My name is Dj 40 oz it’s the love people so join me here on thebestkeptsecretradionetwork . Don’t forget to go into the Coment’s page and leave us a comment.



DJ wearing green shirt on turntable with laptop

My passion for music was developed at an early age while working at our family-owned record shop. In the late 70’s.

Refined my talents as a MC/DJ and took my skills to the streets of Brooklyn and Long Island. After the long street battles with some of the Legends of Hip/Hop, I took my talents to DJ. at Various venues in the NYC and Richmond Virginia areas. Later on, I created Black Door Productions LLC (a full-service Production company)in Orlando Florida



Good Day, party people this DJ KB I’ve been Spinning the turntables since the 80’s, I’ve played parties in the parks, basement, halls, clubs, house parties, BBQ, VFW from Long ISLAND, NYC, to the South. I’ve had A lot of famous people grace the mic when I was rocking the turntables. My greatest inspiration was my brother DJLITE, which we are RUSS Entertaining. My crew from back in the days that also inspired me was Woody Wood, TC and Clifford. My first love with music was when I heard the Jackson’s 5 and my father and mother with there gospel music playing in the house and me playing the drums  in the band through my school years. I also began playing the drums for my moms church and multiple local gospel groups. I appreciate all eras of music. My goal is to spread peace, Love and Blessings through my music I play. I hope I can touch, inspire, help someone through my music. So as I enter this new chapter of my music by joining The Best Kept Secret Radio Network, I hope to bring some joy to the people. Your boy DJ KB. Peace, Love and Blessings!

DJ 44P

Dj44P (Patrick) was born and raised in Queens, NY where I developed a love for music at a young age. This interest in music matured into DJing from my teens to the present day. As my skills improved over the years I had many opportunities to play at parties, clubs and weddings entertaining all types of crowds.
I currently reside in Charlotte, NC and can presently be heard on “The Best Kept Secret Radio Network” each Tuesday from 4 to 6pm playing the “Traffic Jam” mix where I aim to get you to your destination ready to continue the party. Come by and check me out sometime soon….




DJ HalfPintBorn and raised on the mean streets of East Flat Bush Brooklyn , Twain Smikel A.K.A, DJ Half Pint, started his musical journey when he was 19, when he discovered music moves the soul. Having the ability to dance and catch the rhythm it was at this moment that Twain Smikel knew he wanted to be part of ‘The Scene’.
He first became interested in the music scene in 2000. In 1995, aged 14, his Mom provided his first set of decks. At the age of 17, he was already being touted as East Flat Bush-Brooklyn’s answer to the Rhythm King of the crowds. He did various warm up sets before the doors opened in clubs, underground, and hosting major names such as Track star and, DJ Goggles, Black Angel, Spectrum, 3D Movement and many more. In 2000, he achieved his big break when Half Pint realized he was big in the game. It was after this point when he started getting gigs at big events such as Track star and 94.3 FM Underground.
After receiving several offers, Half Pint started to engineer and produce several singles. DJ Half Pint is a fighter and advocate for the love of music. Since 2021 DJ Half Pint has been locked in the studio perfecting his craft.
Suffice to say, the DJ scene should be expecting big things from DJ Half Pint now and in the future.



Born and raised in the city of Detroit my love for music came at an early age. The youngest of five our house was always filled with music. Involved with garage bands I developed a love for the drums and begin playing them as well. As a Dj in the 80s, learning to manipulate music and the interaction with crowds was an awesome experience. Leading into now as an old school cabaret style dj that I believe the mature crowd has missed.



I started playing records in the Bronx at young age. I broke a few of my moms needles trying to scratch. I started to DJ around the age of 13.  I was making mix tapes in high school and started to DJ house parties.  I rocked a few college parties and some clubs in NC.  I took a seat back from DJ and started to do more production and artist management.  DJ has always been my backbone!  I am back today to bring you Dawhachumacalit radio show!  What is it Dawhachumacalit!  It is what it is and it is what it isn’t! I will be spinning the latest hip hop from Truth Spitters(Christian hip hop) and a blend of classic hip Hop.  This is the Best Kept Secret but not for long!  Come Rock with me on this Journey!  DJ Stak  AKA.  One foot In!